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Wildlife Art Prints
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Wildlife Prints for Sale

Federal Duck Stamp Prints
State Duck Stamp Prints
Limited Edition Prints
Conservation Prints
More First of Nation & First of State Duck Stamp Prints
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OJ Gromme : Wintering Quail 1970 Maynard Reece: Mallards Prints David Hagerbaumer: Pheasant print

OJ Gromme : Wintering Quail 1970 print
published by Wild wings (size: 18 X24) - very good condition

Maynard Reece: Mallards print
225/450 (size 21X26) very good condition

David Hagerbaumer: Pheasant print 118/250
 (size: 18X23) (very good condition)



Limited edition wildlife prints


* Private collector liquidating 25-year collection of Federal Duck Stamp Prints, State Duck Stamp Prints, and Limited Edition Wildlife Prints.

* All are in Mint Condition. Some are framed and some are unframed.

* Buy these framed Limited Edition Prints for the Price of the framing! Collector State Duck Stamp Prints, Federal Duck Stamp Prints, and Limited Edition Prints at or below Issue Price.

* Each Duck Stamp Print is sold with its corresponding stamp. Duck Stamp Print image is h.6.5" x 9"w.; the overall image size is 12.5" x 14"w. All framed units are sold with stamps matted centrally below the print. The dimensions of these measure approximately h.16" x 17"w.

* Limited Edition Prints and Oil Paintings are available in various sizes, by Charles Frace, David Maass, Jim Harrison, and Other American Wildlife Artists.  Large framed (approx 24x36) German Oil Painting by Bolke depicting Red Stag. 

* Most framed prints are double-matted with a single stamp placement. Some Editions have two stamps.

Chester Cupp


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