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Concrete Polishing Machines

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The LAVINA 25 Concrete Polishing Machines

The LAVINA 25 Concrete Polishing Machines from Superabrasive, feature a standard powerful 7.5 HP single phase or three phase motor, and make floor polishing fast and easy. The Livina 25 Floor Polishing Machine effortlessly floats over any wet or dry concrete on planetary floating heads, driven by a single serpentine belt.  Lavina has a self-leveling AIR-FLOW-THROUGH vacuum shield along with a revolutionary dust agitation system.

• Can be used for wet or dry applications.

• The wet set-up is enhanced by a self-leveling skirt that keeps mud from shooting out in all directions, a centrifugal force that cleans out slurry (material build up) from under machine leaving pads cool with clean surface allowing the diamonds to keep contact with surface, and our wet cycles drop the water directly on area being worked on instead of in all directions. (Velcro backed metal bond tools should be used wet only)

• The dry set-up is also complemented by a self-leveling skirt that keeps dirt/dust from spraying out. Additionally, there are 2 hoses located on the bottom of the machine which suck the accumulated dust and help the diamonds to have clearer contact with the surface. (For dry use metal bond tools should be bolted or welded to the plates)

• Lavina 25 is a planetary movement machine. The planetary motion comes from friction between the tools and the floor which allows the tools to spin either clockwise or counterclockwise. This way the tool will not force itself against the resistance of the surface. Instead, it will alternate direction to jump from high to low points instead of low to high which can cause damage. On most other machines the motion is forced
through the motor which causes tools to break, gears to break, or lip of the surface to chip. (The Lavina 25 have 3 heads).

• Lavina polishing machines are single-belt models. This enables the center of gravity to stay low on the machine. The lower the center of gravity the more stable a machine will be.

• The Lavina 25 has an hour meter on the machine that keeps track of hours in use. This way the machine can be rented out hourly and tracked, or a user might want to precisely calculate how many hours a job took to finish.

• On the polishing machine, the tools touch the rim of the skirt. This way the only distance between the tool and edge of the surface being worked on is 5mm (width of the skirt). Most other machines have a 2-inch gap. The small 5mm distance keeps users from having to do edges by hand or with an additional machine, which saves time, money, and tools.

• There is a self-leveling skirt that is made heavy enough to always touch the ground regardless of thickness on tools being used. It keeps dust or mud confined under the bowl. As the skirt touches the floor, we built-in air pressure gaps around the top of the bowl to allow air blast dust up from the surface and be sucked into the vacuum.

• The Lavina 25 polishing machine is easy and fast to disassemble into 2 pieces that can be carried to another location.

• The machine has a Soft Start where the machine starts slowly and the power consistently builds to the desired/selected RPMs.
• There are pneumatic tires on which the pressure can be changed to adjusts the height of the polishing machine based on size of tools and to control the friction between machine and floor.

• “Night Vision” light is mounted to enable users to have and direct light where they need it for work done outside of day light hours.

• Stackable weights are available for grinding and they contain rubber bushings to eliminate noise when stacked.

• Adjustable handle bars were created with 6 different positions available for comfort level and to assist with visibility precision on edges.

• The vacuum hose is situated up high to give a lot of clearance from the area being worked.

• Separate diamond concrete polishing pads are available for soft & hard concrete floors.

• Lavina polishing machines have the motor is bolted on the surface so it can be easily taken off for inspection or changed if necessary.


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