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Concrete Saws

ICS 633 Concrete Chain Saw

The New 2007 model ICS 633GC sets the standard for what is possible in portable concrete cutting. Newly upgraded to better meet the extreme demands of the construction world, the 633GC combines all the breakthrough functional advantages of our original gas saw with more than enough power to do the job and the reliability to keep you in the cut longer. There is simply no better saw for the wide range of cutting requirements encountered on the job.
Advantages and Uses

Deep cuts up to 16-inches
Square Corners without over-cuts
Safe to operate, no "kickback"
Wet-cut, no hazardous dust
Special crankshaft sealing and air filtration
Special water resistant electronic ignition
New leaf spring starter pawl design
New slurry channel feature eliminates starter clogging
Better vibration isolation
More durable crankcase


Concrete saw, diamond saw, diamond chain saw




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