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Concrete Saws

Stow Cutter 1 Slab Saw

Stow's cutter series of walk-behind saws are designed for strength,durability and performance. Whether cutting concrete or asphalt, the reinforced steel box frame design adds strength necessary to reduce vibrations while sawing. Designed for easy maintenance, the saw utilizes standardized hardware and ensures easy access to components. The saws are compact and easy to operate yet demonstrate the cutting performance usually expected from larger, more expensive units.
Stow CD613H18                        CD605E16
Horsepower 13 hp Honda         5hp Electric
Weight 270                                 235
Blade Capacity 18"                     16" 
Cutting Depth 6.5"                       5.5"
Front Wheels 4" Dia x 2" Wide    4"Dia x 2" Wide
Rear Wheels 8"Dia x 2" Wide      6" Dia x 2" Wide




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