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core Drill Machines for Granite or Concrete drilling

Core Drill Barrels and Core Drill Bits Phone 706-283-1504

Diamond core drill bits are used to bore large holes in brick, concrete and stone. The bit consists of a metal cylinder, usually relatively soft steel mounted on an arbor. Industrial diamonds are embedded at the open end of the cylinder. The diamonds are on  metal segments attached to the end. The segments are thicker than the cylinder wall, so most of the bit does not rub in the hole being bored. The slots in the cylinder wall help carry the dust out. Diamond core drills can be used with or without water lubrication.
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A 115 mm diameter core drill will bore a hole through a single-thickness brick wall in less than a minute, running at about 300 RPM. The resultant hole is very cleanly cut. Another obvious advantage over conventional masonry drills is the core bit's efficiency since very little of the removed core must actually be abraded, the power and operator effort required to drill a very large hole is reduced enormously, and the capacity of a given portable drill greatly increased.

Diamond Core Drill Bits and core drill barrels from Elberton Tool, Inc. exceed industry standards in quality and workmanship, and will last much longer than thin imported core drills. Our heavy duty core drills have thicker walls, more diamond cutting power, and will not warp under heavy usage. Our core drill barrel bits range size from 1 to up to 10 in diameter with a standard cutting depth of 11. Core drills have 5/8 x 11 threads or 1 1/4 X 11 in the larger sizes. We build custom core drills to any specification, and also repair and service core drills.



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