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Core Drills, Core Drill Machines, Core Drill Bits

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Portable Core drills and large core drill machines are used to drill large diameter holes in concrete, pavement, granite and other stones.  Most of these core drills use diamond core drill bits or core drill barrels that will cut through the hardest materials. Core drills are used for many applications, either where the core needs to be preserved (the drilling apparatus used in obtaining a core sample is often referred to as a corer), or where drilling can be done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed than with a standard bit. This is the reason that diamond-tipped core drills are commonly used in construction to create holes for pipes, manholes, and other large-diameter penetrations in concrete or stone. Below you will find some of the best core drills and you can purchase these or other core drills from dealers at our link page.

Granite Core Drill by Johnson Machine  Phone 706-283-5750

Core Drill Machines by Johnson Machine are heavy duty electric core drill machines used primarily for granite core drilling, but can be used for any core drill operation. Our special diamond coring machines are constructed of heavy structural steel, and the frame is welded to insure maximum stability and rigidity. Complete water and hydraulic systems are built into the core drill machine and need only be connected to the source. Each core drilling machine is self-contained with motors and controls wired in ready to operate from customer’s fused disconnect. The core drilling operations may be controlled as desired by the operator. All electrical and hydraulics are located for operators convenience with built in controls. Variable pressure assures fast, economical, and clean operation.
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Core Drill, ETC12 by Elberton Tool Company Phone 706-283-1504 

The ETC12 Automatic Core Drill from Elberton Tool Company, Inc. and Rice Industrial Electric is a heavy duty electronic core drilling machine used primarily for granite core drilling, but can be used for any core drill operation. The ET12 features rugged steel construction, a  20 H.P. motor, and electronic controls. The ETC12 core drill uses Elberton Tool Compnany heavy duty diamond core drill barrels or standard diamond core drill bits up to 12” wide and 48” long.
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Core Drill Barrels and Core Drill Bits Phone 706-283-1504

Diamond core drill bits are used to bore large holes in brick, concrete and stone. The bit consists of a metal cylinder, usually relatively soft steel mounted on an arbor. Industrial diamonds are embedded at the open end of the cylinder. The diamonds are on  metal segments attached to the end. The segments are thicker than the cylinder wall, so most of the bit does not rub in the hole being bored. The slots in the cylinder wall help carry the dust out. Diamond core drills can be used with or without water lubrication.
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