Dupont Certified Granite

Granite Countertops FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Certified By DuPont.

What is Granite?


Granite is a natural substance mined all over the world. It is a coarse grained crystalline igneous rock composed primarily of quartz and feldspar. With Granite being a natural product, each kitchen will have a unique look with possible pattern or color variation throughout the slab.

DuPont™ maintains close quality control over granite slab selection for each color offered. However, color and pattern may vary slightly within the same slab, as is typical for all granite stones.

Features and Benefits:

Naturally Beautiful with Unique Pattern and Color
Stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant with proper care and maintenance.

What is Granite, Certified by DuPont?
Granite, Certified by DuPont is:

Only High Quality material - DuPont maintains close quality control over granite slab selection for each color to provide the consumer with the finest quality material available.
Treated with DuPont Proprietary Penetrating Sealant-Natural stone is very porous and sealers help repel spills on the surface. Our sealant maintains the stone's natural hue while other sealers may darken your stone.
Installed only by DuPont Certified Installers-DuPont has trained and authorized each installer to assure the consumer's overall installation experience of Granite Certified by DuPont will be positive.
Covered by a 10-Year Limited Installed Warranty and a 1-year stain warranty-with Granite being a natural product, most companies do not offer a warranty. However, DuPont is confident in the installation and selection of the material and offers a warranty that covers fabrication, installation and some product defects.
What is the difference between Granite certified by DuPont and other Granites?

DuPont Granite is backed by a 10-year Limited Installed Warranty, as well as a one-year stain warranty. Installed by Certified Installers, Granite certified by DuPont has a proprietary penetrating sealant.

What are the colors and thicknesses available?

There are over a dozen colors of Granite Certified by DuPont with a thickness of 3 cm. Kashmir White, Gris Perla, Santa Cecilia, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornamentale,  Tan Brown, Blue Pearl, Tropic Brown, Baltic Brown, Black Impala, Ubatuba, Verde Peacock, Black Galaxy, Absolute Black, Giallo Fiorito, Riviera Royale, Giallo Napoleone, Emerald Pearl, Carioca Gold, Dakota, Mahogany, Mocha Suede, Verde Ventura, Rose Pearla, Volga Blue

What care and maintenance does Granite Certified by DuPont require?

Natural Stone can be very porous. The best way to help prevent stains on your granite is to treat its Surface with DuPont Natural Stone Sealer. This sealer fills in the natural pores and help repel spills on the surface. It is recommended that your countertop be sealed once a year with DuPont Natural Stone Sealer.

Once your stone is sealed, clean up is easier. We recommend that you use DuPont™ Natural Stone Revitalizer. Our Revitalizer™ cleans with a gentle, Remove-pH-neutral formula that removes soils while reinforcing the original protective seal to help prevent future staining.

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