Granite Countertop Trends

Granite Countertops Will Outlast The Recession



Granite Countertop Trend Still Popular During Recession

granite countertop trends

Granite Countertops seem to be as popular as ever even during our long recession. Of course there are not as many homes being built, so the number of granite countertops installed over the last few years have dropped. On the other hand many families are deciding to upgrade their Formica countertops for granite or quartz countertops along with the rest of the home since they are planning to be there for the long haul. Ask any lady who owns a home about what makes a kitchen beautiful and granite countertops are always near the top of the list.  The National Association Home Builders (, granite or natural stone is the No. 1 choice for surfaces and countertops, representing about 31.2 percent of the countertop market.

In fact, for all but the most basic homes and town homes being built in the last few years, granite countertops are as common as stainless appliances. You seldom fine a home with stainless appliances that does not have granite countertops. Since China has begun to get so heavily involved in the granite countertop market, orders for prefab granite used in hotels and apartment complexes can also be done at very low cost.

That cost factor that used to keep the average home owner from installing granite countertops has dropped quite a bit over the last three years. Granite fabricators and slab suppliers have been forced to lower their prices in hopes of keeping their businesses operating. The final consumer is now on the winning end of the cost curve.

So what is it about granite that makes it a top choice for kitchen countertops?  There are many things that come to mind but beyond richness and beauty, there is also durability, stain resistance, burn resistance and even the sound deadening qualities of granite countertops.

Granite countertops are very strong and show very little wear over the years.  Keeping them clean and beautiful is as easy as a simple wipe with a little soap and water.  Granite will not burn, it is very hard to chip. Guess you might say granite is “hard as a rock”. Other than the initial installation expense, granite has few negatives.

The SCI Granite Countertop “Care Kit”Some people worry about sealing of granite countertops and think that if they do not seal very often, stains will start to appear and get impregnated into the beautiful granite. Actually, today’s granite countertops are seal are sealed when the slabs are cut and polished, but when granite countertop pieces are cut and holes drilled during fabrication, the edges and holes should be sealed by the fabricator.  The fabricator should also immediately seal the countertops when installed in the home.  If this sealing process is done in the beginning, you will only have to seal your granite countertops about once a year to keep them looking like new. Sealing is easily done with products like Granite Shield or SDI Granite Sealer.


What To Expect In The Next Few Years In Regard To Granite Countertops

1. Less black countertops and more robust colors like the Juparana color series of granite.

2. More granite tile countertop solutions like Granite Transformations or Do-It-Yourself Solutions

3. Look for granite countertop prices to ease back up after the election. The current administration has increased taxes and small business regulation expenses that must be passed on to the consumer and a new administration will spark new growth throughout the economy.

4. Designers and fabricators will be offering more modern designs.  Look for more curves in Kitchens and color mixes to the higher end kitchens. Since just about every new home will have granite, the more distinctive colors and designs will be what separates more elegant homes.

5. More businesses will feature granite throughout, especially local restaurants and department stores.



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