Granite Industry Forcast to Grow 5.1%

Granite Countertops Boom Will Drive Cost Up



Countertops - Why You Should Buy Today

Freedonia is reporting that US demand for countertops is forecasted to increase 5.1 percent per year to 750 million square feet in 2017. Although I have not read the entire report, I do not think they have been watching what is happening in North Dakota and the Midwest.

There is a big boom coming to America in spite of what many Politicians are trying to do to stop it. It is the American Energy Boom.  Look at what is going on in North Dakota. They are producing almost as much oil as Texas, and Texas is the other booming state leaving everyone else behind.  Unemployment is at 1% and housing prices are up 129% over the last two years in North Dakota.  Americans are fed up with high gasoline prices and high production and transportation costs caused by bad energy policy in this country. For the last 5 years there have been huge natural gas and oil shale discoveries in states like Arkansas and Missouri. I see the boom coming and it will happen in the next couple of years when the politicians get desperate and have to get out of the way of prosperity.

granite countertops
Granite Countertops Are Now On Sale!
(Photo Curtsey Of Accent Granite Interiors)

Granite Countertops and Quartz Countertops are the most desired home upgrade project in America.  Every wife who does not have granite countertops wants them, and most new homes will feature Quartz or Granite countertops in the years ahead.  If you are smart, now is the time to do that remodel and get your countertops at the absolute best price before prices start escalating.

Get the rich Juparana granite countertop colors now for you will pay for UBA TUBA countertops when the Energy Boom starts pushing prices back up.  Contractors are still giving home owners great deals because of the bad economy, but that won’t last much longer.  Countertop Slab buyers are stocking up. Prices are scheduled to rise in 2014 as the Election draws near. Everything is set and you do not want to be left behind. But, you do not have to take my word for it. Call Accent Granite Interiors for a second opinion at (706) 283-6151, or just wait a couple of years until prices double.



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