Granite Countertop Slab Selection

Granite Countertop Color Selection Video- See The Slabs



Selecting Your Granite Countertop Color - Select From Whole Slabs, Not Small Samples

Granite Countertop color selection can be difficult. There are so many great colors that look good in any kitchen. There are literally thousands of colors of granite to choose from, so the last thing you want to do is select your color based on 6 x6 samples you see at Home Depot or Lowes home Improvement stores. The best way to select your color is to visit a Granite Countertop Slab Import Company.  Usually, but not always, granite countertop fabricators buy their slabs from granite slab importers. Just ask you fabricator to set up an appointment with the slab import company, and together you can find the best slab for your home. A few very large companies import granite slabs and also fabricate the countertops, so you may select your slab at the same place your countertops will be made.  We found an excellent video on YouTube to explain how you should go about selecting the slab from which your countertops will be cut.  Take a look at the video and learn the best way to select your granite countertop color. 



If it is impossible for you to visit the slab company, there is another way to help you select the slab thanks to the internet.  Many of the granite slab importers like SLABCO Marble & Granite have photos of every slab in stock listed on their website. You can visit the website and select the exact slab that will be used for your countertops. Either of these methods are better than trying to use small samples.

Granite Slabs - More Information

Juparana Bordeaux granite slabGranite slabs for granite countertops are imported from Asia and South America. The slabs are cut at the quarry into pieces that are about ten feet long, six feet wide and two inches thick. They are then imported by granite wholesalers and sold to granite countertop fabricators and installers. Thousands of slabs in hundreds of colors are imported weekly, so if you know where to look, you can get superb granite slabs for a competitive price. Hundreds of colors and styles of granite slabs are available for you to select from so you can get the exact color granite countertop you want for your home.

When I installed new granite countertops in my kitchen, I was able to visit SLABCO International Marble and Granite located in Elberton, Georgia and select the very granite slabs that were used in my kitchen. I wanted something out of the ordinary and was able to find a very unusual piece of Golden Beach granite that was cut and installed to accent the bar area of my countertops. 

More Granite Countertop Information here

You can find links to SLABCO and other Georgia Granite Association Members on our links page.



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