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 The Quarazon Tile System - New Way To Do Granite Tile Countertops


ArtStone, the innovator of the Quarazon® Tile System, is a unique method of producing granite tile countertops faster, better and cheaper than conventionally set tile countertops. A caulk gun and silicone replace mixing buckets and messy thin-set mortar adhesives when using the Quarazon® Panel System. Panels are easily constructed resulting in a perfectly flat countertop surface with the smallest seam possible.  This process remedies the problem with most granite tile countertops. The seams are almost nonexistent, with the look and feel of granite slab countertops that can be completed by the do-it-yourself countertop installer.

Here are some of the advantages;

•Saves Time
Quarazon® panel assembly is clean and simple, requiring only a caulk gun for adhering the pre-built panels. Countertop panels are constructed, panel edges are polished and the project installed. All at a rate of 3.4 square feet or more per hour.

•Saves Money
Materials to construct and install a tile countertop, using the Quarazon® tiling system, is usually below $3.50 /sf. Some home improvement centers will sell granite tile for as little as $4 /sf, resulting in an overall material cost between $7 - $8 /sf. The cost to open a granite tile fabrication facility is minimal, with only a tile saw, hand polisher and miscellaneous hand tools required.  Shop size can be a small as 400 square feet; about the size of a one care garage.

•Looks Better
It is nearly impossible to create a granite tile countertop as flat with barely visible seams using conventional tile setting methods. The Quarazon® tile system allows fine tuning on every tile prior to final installation. Our grout- free system, offered in the Quarazon® professional training video, sets a new standard for tiling that is only achieved with our unique system.

•Less Intrusive
Countertops are produced outside ones home and transported from the fabrication shop to the project for installation.  Unlike conventional tile setting, projects using our method are usually installed in 3- 4 hours.

ArtStone LLC
1366 South 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


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