Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen Remodeling Tips That Save Money



 Kitchen Remodeling Tips That May Help You Save Money

Remodeling your kitchen and counters takes a lot of planning and research unless you have an unlimited budget.  Most of us are on a remodeling budget so let’s see where we can save some money.

The first part of a plan is to have and idea of what you want and then see how we break it down in to separate tasks to fulfill our dream.  If you are on a budget, you may look at upgrading your kitchen and not reconstructing it. By that I mean you want to keep the sink, stove and walls where they are.  If your main objective is to make the kitchen much bigger or completely change the layout, then the design and construction costs may be the largest expenditure.


Shop Around For Services And Materials!

There are always hidden costs you will incur during the upgrade but there are a lot of places to save money.  For instance, there will be several good granite countertop installers in your area, so you do not have to use the first guy you call or the same company that did your neighbor’s house. Shopping around my save you money if you happen to find a company with granite slab remnants in his shop that you like.  Granite countertop fabricators have pieces of granite and marble left over from almost every job.  You can usually get these pieces for up to 50% off. I found a beautiful 8 foot piece of granite for my bathroom vanity that was available locally, and only had to pay $600 installed with two undermount sinks included. That’s about half of the going cost in my area. Also, don’t think that Lowes or Home Depot will always be more economical that some of local specialty stores.  Specialty stores or local building supply stores like Lake Russell Building Supply in Elberton, Georgia often beat the box stores and will have several grades lighting, tubs, and plumbing supplies to choose from. Higher quality is sometimes available for the same price as the lower quality items carried in the big “discount” centers. Much of your comparison shopping can be done on the internet and even purchased online.  Shop hard to save money on materials and services.


Today’S Trends Quickly Become So Yesterday

There’s always something new in the world of kitchen improvement, but don’t get caught up in all the new trends and break the bank. Remember, everything you are replacing in your kitchen now was a “trend” back in the day. Stay on top of the latest technological trends that you think will save you time and money, but don’t worry about needing a computer screen on your refrigerator door to keep track of what’s inside.  Also “eco-friendly” versions can actually cost a lot more and be no more efficient. Compare the real numbers for power costs between appliances, don’t just look at advertising to make your decisions.


Don’T Scrap The Cabinets

If your cabinets are good quality and still in good working order, don’t trash them. Cabinets can be repainted or refinished to a complete new look for a fraction of the price of new cabinets. There are companies now that can do complete make overs of the cabinets by refacing doors and drawer fronts. As long as the frames are good, the looks can be updated to look great.  You can also expand your cabinets while doing the makeover and expand the new look using prefab cabinet frames.


Kitchen Appliance Selection

Think long and hard when you make your appliance selections. If you are choosing new stainless kitchen appliances, the “stainless” finishes on the appliances may not match, even if you select all the same brand. Most stainless appliances are really aluminum. The finishes on the dishwasher may not match the Frig. Look at the efficiency stats on the appliances as some are much more economical that others.

The bottom line is take time to plan out what you want and shop around.  It will take you at least twice as long as you think, so use that time wisely to be happy in the end.

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