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Prefab Granite Countertops For Hotels & Resorts From Granite Marble Stone Group

Prefab Granite Countertops Prefab Granite Countertops

Granite Marble Stone Group's natural prefab granite countertops are your best choice for hotel and resort projects where you need high quality at an affordable cost.  Granite color choice is vast, and the countertops can be mass produced for any type of project with a first quality outcome. Granite Marble Stone Group can  fabricate the granite countertops and vanities to your specifications with any edge style, thickness, finish, including back splashes, front aprons. They also produce window sills, thresholds, matching accessories, borders, trims, front desk, bars, floors, toilet partitions, etc. Just send them your drawings and they do the rest. Once the pricing has been approved and the drawing are signed off, they are ready for production. For residential, they offer a variety of sizes to help you minimize your labor costs. As they say, it is easier to cut off a profile, than it is to put one on. All the residential edges are completely polished and ready to install.

Prefab counters are not a replacement for countertops fabricated from slabs, itís simply a sensible cost effective alternative that reduces waste and precious time in labor and fabrication. Great for the hotel and renovation projects, new builds, vanities and kitchen countertops. Slabs are available and purchased mainly for distribution, and for the smaller residential type projects. Prefab granite countertops, on the hand, will reduce stone waste materials substantially 30% to 50% for such projects, achieving additional savings and sales, and not loosing them. The concept has been well thought out with profiled edges and finished back-splashes, with the understanding that any custom project can also be produced with your cut-outs, for all specifications etc. Allow us to help you compete, and win your projects.

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