Staron By Samsug Ė 100% Acrylic Solid Surface

Samsung Solid Surface Countertops

Staron ® By Samsug Ė 100% Acrylic Solid Surface. A Commercial Solution.



Staron, the solid surface material created by Samsung, is not only a popular surfacing material for residential projects, itís also proving to be good solution for the commercial industry. As a durable, hygienic, easy to maintain surface, Staron is finding its way into the health care, education, hospitality and office markets.

Current trends in health care are moving away from cold, clinical appearances. Instead, designers are trying to give health care facilities the same comfortable feel of a well-designed, relaxing home. With more than 60 Staron colors to choose from, designers can select colors that provide a warm and inviting look and feel. As an approved surface for health care settings, including laboratories, Staron is also hygienic, nonporous, and can be repaired and refinished to look like new.

Schools and educational facilities are also experiencing the benefits of Staron. At Monmouth University in Long Branch, New Jersey, Staron was chosen for a student apartment remodeling project. Since wear and tear was an obvious concern for the university, Staron was a natural choice for the kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and shower surrounds since it is durable and stain-and impact-resistant.

Solid surface is gaining prevalence in office spaces as well. The law offices of Rhine, Ernest + Vargo wanted to complement its panoramic view of the Ohio River with an elegant reception area. Avoiding straight lines and sharp angles, the designer used Staron which is easily shaped and thermo-formed to create free-flowing, curved shapes and bold edge treatments. The muted green color that was chosen also added to the soothing ambience.

With the strength of technology leader Samsung behind it, Staronís presence in the building industry continues to grow in both the residential and commercial markets. Staron is committed to building positive working relationships with fabricators, providing them with value, high quality service and nationwide distribution. Staronís network of distributors provides quick deliveries, so fabricators donít need to keep expensive inventory on hand.

Staronís high quality standards ensures that thickness is consistent, eliminating issues with seam matching, and sheets are sanded on both sides to save fabricators time and money. Staron is also manufactured through quality control systems certified by ISO 9002 (International Quality Assurance System) and by ISO 14001 (International Environmental Management System). And customers enjoy Staronís 10-year limited residential warranty.

Fabricators can continue to expect the latest solid surface innovations from Samsung, including several new product introductions next year.




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