Sinks for Granite Countertops

Sinks For Granite Countertops



blacksink20002Most people install new sinks when they upgrade or remodel their kitchens and bathrooms.  There are two types of sinks used with quartz or granite countertops, refereed to as drop-in or under mount sinks. The drop-in sink has a top rim and it sets down into the countertop. The under mount sink is glued or bolted underneath the countertop. Most people opt for the  under mount sink for visual appeal.  The two types cost about the same but installation is much easier with the drop in sink. See photos of these two types of sinks further blow.


brownsink20002   whitesnk24002   vessellsink200
Sinks from Street of Dreams Atlanta

The sinks above were featured in the Street of Dreams Atlanta 2007. The Farm House Sinks like those above are becoming very popular and many models are now available to complement your granite countertops and appliances.  Vessel sinks (above right) are also becoming more popular and the reasons are sheer beauty and style. Our best source for these sinks is Granite Countertops Unlimited 706-283-8827.

Blanco Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless sinks come in various shapes and sizes and prices can run from $50-$500, so shop around. The thicker the stainless material used to make the sink, the more it costs. Your best deals are with countertop installers who will usually put the sink in for wholesale price when he does a granite countertop project. 

The photos below show an under mount sink on left and drop-in sink on right.

sink120003 dropin

Consider these characteristics when shopping for a stainless steel sink:

MATERIAL 304 series stainless steel, known for its durability and stain resistance, is the best possible formulation for kitchen sinks. The chrome and nickel content in stainless steel is an indicator of quality. Chrome gives stainless its luster and durability, while nickel adds hardness and strength. Premium stainless steel sinks will minimally feature 18/10 chrome/nickel content. 

THICKNESS The gauge of stainless steel measures thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker and more durable the stainless steel. 18 gauge is optimal for residential kitchen sinks.

FINISH A long-lasting satin polished finish is easy to clean and impervious to water stains and calcium deposits.

DESIGN DETAIL Tight radius corners create more spacious bowls than sinks with rounded corners. A flat sink bottom allows goblets and stemware to stand up, and rear drains maximize usable space under the sink.

SOUND INSULATION Quality stainless steel sinks feature insulation that muffles sound, including garbage disposer noise. 

Stainless steel sinks are easy to care for. Water spots and mineral deposits can be prevented by rinsing thoroughly after each use and wiping dry with a clean, soft cloth. Nonabrasive cleaners such as BlancoClean are ideal for regular maintenance. Stainless steel sinks will show day-to-day wear, including minor scratches. Over time this wear will become uniform with the sinkís grain, creating its own unique character, much like the patina on fine silver.  Be sure to ask about warranties when shopping for your sink.  Premium quality stainless steel sinks are often backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

MindíS Eye Sinks

From early morning, through a hectic day, an evening meal, and the solitude of late night, the sink serves as both hard working companion and fashionable focal point. For more than 75 years, BLANCO has been a world leader in quality, innovative design and unsurpassed attention to detail. The company pioneered the use of stainless steel for kitchen sinks and was the first company to introduce hard composite materials such as Silgranit®.  BLANCO . . . The Cornerstone of Every Great Kitchen.  See a few of our most popular BLANCO below.

Minds EyeíS Sinks & Lavatories

meglass02For sheer beauty, nothing matches Mindís Eye sinks and lavatories. Choose from stainless steel, porcelain, glass, and even hammered copper sinks and lavatories.   Mind's Eye is a Georgia company driven by a vision for creating performance products that embody both beauty and quality. From the initial design of a new home to the addition of another element of luxury, we provide innovative products, at an affordable price, that add panache to your project design. See Mindís Eye sinks below.



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