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Many people want granite countertops, but because of the cost, opt for something less expensive like Corian or Formica. Other homeowners who like to take on advanced projects and who have done tile flooring or other tile projects decide to go the do-it-yourself  route to get granite countertops  at a reduced cost. The problem with this option, is that getting the look you want on the countertops is much harder than tiling a floor.  If you have the skill, experience, and necessary tools to do the job, then by all means, go for it.  There is a third option now available the most people do not know about, and that is professionally installed granite tile countertops.

To get granite tile countertops that look good, as good as if you had granite slab countertops installed by a professional countertop fabricator, you might want to consider having a granite tile countertop professional install the tile. There are now companies who specialize in granite tile countertops who will install granite tile countertops in your home for about half the price of slab countertops.


Look at the photos above and tell me which one you think looks the best. Which one is the tile countertop? Actually they are both tile countertops, but the one on the right looks like a slab top. The grout lines are almost nonexistent on the right and the out side edge tiles match perfectly. Using 12 x 12 tiles on standard countertops will allow you to complete the job faster and give you a much better look than trying to cover the same countertop with 4 tiles. The pros also have a better way to join the tiles giving you the seamless look.

How do they do it? It is a system called Granite Solutions. The Granite Solutions Modular-Slab Granite System offers the elegant and sophisticated look of granite slab at a surprisingly low price. Each component is solid A-grade granite, precision cut with a slight eased edge to accommodate tight, net-fit joints. This means minimal grout lines and no need for spacers. All pieces are painstakingly shade-matched to ensure a beautiful and seamless color flow.

Granite Solutions™ components are designed to fit over standard 24" counters with little or no cutting but can be easily trimmed to fit any countertop size or shape. Each component, with the exception of the 12" x 12" field tile, is also slightly oversized. This additional half inch makes it easy to square uneven walls or countertops.

If you are having trouble finding a dealer for Granite Solutions Tile Countertops in your area, call Stacey Powell, (800) 342-8523, x2221.



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