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Granite Countertops for Atlanta, North Georgia, South Carolina

New Granite Countertops & Quartz Countertops Web Site for Atlanta, North Georgia, South Carolina by T&J Granite Countertops

New Granite Countertops Web Site

T&J Granite Countertops

T&J Granite Countertops, a family owned and operated business, serves home owners and businesses in the Atlanta, North Georgia and western South Carolina areas. The new web site www.tjgranitecountertops.com is designed to provide retail shoppers photos and helpful information about granite countertops, including granite countertop photos, granite countertop cleaning tips, and how to get started when you want to install granite countertops in your home or business.

Granite Countertops

T&J Granite Countertops has the most modern CNC equipment and highly trained technicians who provide you unmatched quality along with superior customer service.  T&J is one of the few companies that can offer you three finish choices for your granite countertops.  These finishes include a low shine honed finish, a brushed textured finish or a highly polished finish. They can match any kitchen décor be it modern, antique or traditional.  Granite countertops are one of the best investments you can make in your home because they add permanent value in your home that will not depreciate. The web site also offers photos of installed granite countertops to show you just how beautiful today’s new colors from Brazil and Italy can be. Colors like Golden Beach, Juparana Dream, Emerald Pearl, New Venetian Gold, Giallo Ornamental or Verde Fuoco are just a few of the brilliant colors of granite available.

Granite Countertop Contractors

Choosing the right Granite Contractor to fabricate and install your countertops is one of the hardest choices of your granite countertop project. T&J Granite Countertops treats every installation as if it were in their own homes. They will guide you through the process, and guarantee your satisfaction. T&J Granite Countertops has been serving Atlanta, North Georgia and South Carolina homeowners since 1997 with a goal of providing superior quality and customer service. They have the experience and know how to make your dream kitchen a reality.  

Quartz Countertops

If your busy lifestyle or modern style demands quartz countertops, T&J Countertops has you covered.  Quartz has modern colors as well as the granite look-alike colors and patterns, and many advantages over granite. Bright colors, virtually seamless, light weight, almost indestructible, and worry free. This manufacturing process uses raw quartz crystals ranging in size from coarse grains to the size of rock salt. Once the quartz is ground and selected, the crystals are combined with bonding agents (resin) and color, then heated and vibro-compacted to form an impenetrable surface. The resulting slabs are a matrix of 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments ... free of fissures and cracks, and impervious to water, moisture, or bacteria. Choose from Dupont Zodiaq, CaesarStone, or SileStone, for countertops that fit your modern lifestyle and care free countertop maintenance or go green with new IceStone Countertops made of recycled glass.

For residential or commercial granite countertops or quartz countertops for Georgia or South Carolina, call T&J Granite Countertops of Elberton, Georgia at 706-283-8009.

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