Do-It-Yourself Granite Countertops


 Do-It-Yourself Granite Countertops
With Pre-Finshed Edges



Granite Tile With Pre-finished edges Is Now Available

One of the best Kitchen Upgrades is Granite Countertops, and for the do-it-yourself person, granite tile countertops just got easier. One of the hardest parts of the granite tile countertop project for the person who wants to save money by doing the work instead of hiring an expensive granite countertop contractor is the edges of the countertops. Fortunately, Easy Granite Tile has made it a lot easier.  You can order pieces of tile that already have the bull nose edges milled at the factory.

Easy Granite Tile has perfected a precise tile-edging technology and you can order all your tile from them, along with the pieces you need for the edges. The surfaces of the bull-nosed edges match precisely the face of their natural stone tiles in both dimensional consistency and finish. A consistent 5/16" radius bull-nose is used for all standard 12" x 12" tiles. Every edge is precise and even because of the accuracy of our unique machining process.  You can order outside and inside corner pieces, back splash pieces, end pieces with beveled for corners and top end pieces that are finished on top and end. All the shapes and sizes to correctly match the standard 12 x 12 granite tiles.

Easy Granite Tile can supply all your granite tiles for your project and they carry several colors to match any kitchen decor. Every granite tile is a little different than the other, but they have many of the most common colors that are easy to combine into a even pattern for the entire countertops.  You might want to order a few extra tiles to get the best color matching layout and be sure to lay out the complete countertop to achieve the best overall color scheme and to make sure you have enough of the proper edge tiles to complete the project before you start gluing the tiles down.
You can order a sample edged tile for free.  Just give them a call and you will receive a 4" x 4" sample tile with one edge finished.

Contact Easy Granite Tile by phone: 1-877-EZTILE1 (1-877-398-4531 )Monday - Friday 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM Pacific Time


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