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The Atlanta Retaining Walls Company, From The Ground Up, Launches New Retaining Walls and Masonry Contracting Web Site

Retaining Walls for Atlanta & North Georgia

The Atlanta Retaining Walls Company, From The Ground Up,  has launched a new retaining walls and masonry contracting web site.  The new web site is designed to provide retaining wall information and photos to both homeowners and commercial builders.  From The Ground Up is a family owned and operated business that has been providing masonry contracting services to Atlanta and North Georgia for over 15 years.

Lake Lanier Waterfront Properties

Lake Lanier property owners can now save up to 25% on retaining wall and masonry construction.  The extremely low water has one advantage – building water walls or water features on your Lake Lanier property is easier and takes much less time than it would when the lake is at it’s normal level.  Save thousands of dollars by building your retaining walls now.

Commercial Retaining Walls

From The Ground Up can handle any type of commercial retaining wall project.  We have years of construction experience and the technical expertise to insure your commercial retaining walls and masonry projects are built to meet the high standards and specifications.  We build retaining walls for road and highway projects, large commercial buildings, parks and recreation facilities and other commercial building projects. 

From the Ground Up has installation experience with a large number of different retaining wall systems, including New Castle, Venture, Allen Block, Keystone and others.  We work along with our structure engineer to match the system with the location in which the wall is to be erected, and install all products, regardless of manufacturer name, in accordance with NCMA (National Concrete and Masonry Association) standards and specifications.  Regardless of the system, our quality is foremost. 

Please give them a call at 770-527-4312.


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