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Stone Machinery

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SIMCO USA, Inc. was established in 1992 as a one-stop distribution shop for fabricators and machine shop equipment, has launched their new web site. SIMCO USA is one of America’s leading suppliers of stone and countertop fabrication machinery, providing the stone and construction industries all types of stone machines, bridge saws, polishing machines, hydraulic stone splitters and diamond tools.


Bridge Saws, Slab Gang Saws

SIMCO USA has many Bridge Saws and Slab Gang Saws for the granite and stone industries. The web site has samples of best selling machines, from SIMCO USA’s complete line of large granite and stone machinery. The SIM-625A Bridge Saw is designed for granite countertop and marble countertop fabrication and represents one of the best values on today’s market. The SIM-400 Bridge Saw has the capability of operating with diamond saw blades up to 400mm in diameter, making it one of the most versatile bridge saws on the market. The SIM-80 Gang Saw is primarily designed for cutting stone blocks into slabs. It is extremely heavy duty for years of dependable service.

Granite Countertop Polishing Machines

SIMCO USA supplies many types of marble and granite polishing machines for the granite and stone industries. These stone polishing machines are primarily used to polish granite and marble countertop slabs during countertop fabrication. The web site features automatic edge polishing machines, standard slab polishing machines and computer controlled CNC stone work centers capable of precision stone milling, edge polishing and complete vanity fabrication. The SIM-650-10C and SIM-16C polishing machines are automatic multi-head slab polishing machines designed for high volume slab polishing. The SIM-1 edge polishing machine is designed to bevel and polish edges of granite and marble countertop slabs for countertop fabrication. The SIM CNC 1200 Work Center is a computer controlled countertop machine that is designed to mill, shape, polish, and bevel granite, marble, or quartz slabs to finished countertop products.

Hydraulic Stone Splitters

SIMCO USA Hydraulic Stone Splitting Machines are designed for the production of small paving stones of various dimensions. The very popular SIM-40 has a splitting length of 240mm and splitting height of 280mm. This paving stone splitter has heavy duty construction, is easy to use, and withstands high stress imposed when used for high volume paving stone production.

Used Stone Machinery

SIMCO USA has used stone working machines such as granite countertop polishing machines, bridge saws, countertop edge polishers, and CNC machines for the granite countertop and stone industries. These stone machines are primarily used to polish granite and marble countertop slabs during countertop fabrication. Some of the used stone machines now available include a Comandulli Automatic Edge Polisher, an Intermac Masterstone 4000 CNC Machine, and a Marmo Meccanica Bridge Saw. All of these machines are in excellent condition and ready to use.

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